Saturday, January 12, 2008

More on GOP candidates

I've started to take an even broader view of the elections, and realized something even greater. The biggest problems we are facing right now are the economy, terrorism, and Iraq. There is only 2 GOP candidates who even have a though as to what to do to help the economy, and those are Mitt Romney and Ron Paul. Of the two, Romney clearly has the superior view on terrorism. He already has sounded like a president. During the YouTube Debate, much discussion came from methods used in terrorist interrogations. Of those who have expressed a view on the matter, the most presidential sounding was clearly the "I won't discuss methods I will use as president for interrogations". This was he isn't backed into a moral debate at some point in time in the future, he hasn't cornered himself in the slightest. He hasn't given any information away that can help the terrorists in the future. Rather, he is saying that he doesn't support torture, but won't define it yet, thus upholding the constitution, and the safety of our country. Go Romney!

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