Monday, January 21, 2008

GOP election results so far, and other comments.

So far this election year has been full of excitement. In a time where TV writers are on strike, it is proving to be something of a new reality TV, and is full of excitement. Right now the GOP has had 6 elections, and has 6 candidates. Of the 6 candidates, I would guess that Fred Thomson and Ron Paul will likely be dropping out soon. Ron Paul will probably keep going until Super Tuesday, but after that day, there's going to have to be some serious questions.

One thing I think is highly overlooked is the possibility that Fred Thomson can decide who will be the nominee, within reason. If he drops the race, and endorses one of 3 candidates, he very likely can pick who will be the next Republican nominee. If he chooses McCain, Romney, or Huckabee, each of the 3 will most likely go on to be the nominee. If he chooses Guiliani, Guiliani would have a better chance.

Also, if he just drops out, it will likely help 2 candidates, Romney and Huckabee, who are considered to be the most conservative along with Thomson, who is the most conservative I believe to be a subject of debate, but it certainly is one of those 3.

Ron Paul, when he drops out, will likely benefit Romney, as they are the two biggest economic sharks in the race. No candidate has Ron Paul's war stance, and so I would guess most of those would be fairly evenly distributed.

Also, I have been quite saddened by the lack of attention Romney has been getting. He has had more delegates, and more votes, than any Republican since 2 days after Iowa, and yet, he's never got half as much attention as McCain and Huckabee for their wins, which when put together give the same number of wins as Romney has so far.

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