Thursday, November 15, 2007

President 2008 GOP candidate

I've thought long and hard as to whom I would like to support for president in 2008. In my mind, the ideal candidate would be someone who can take charge of things, who can make a difference. He should have some experience leading already. He should have values, and stick to them, and not be changing what he things all of the time. He should have ideas as to how to cut government spending, and if possible, have proven himself in that field. He should have a vision to help privatize healthcare, and if possible, have already helped with such an endeavor. If he were successful, that would be even better. Last but not least, he should be strong on national defense.

I've head much that the presidential candidates for the GOP party were weak this time, and for a while I had succumb to such a view. But I started to look at the candidates, and I found the one who supports all of the issues that I am interested, who had proven he can take charge of a government and cut spending, who doesn't let his principals be trampled. He has a consistent message, has solved the great health care problem in his state. He has a vision for energy independence. This man is Mitt Romney. I cannot see why there are so many who miss him. Even those opposed to him admit he looks presidential. He had a proven track record. I support Romney for 2008!

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