Tuesday, September 12, 2006

California Vs IAU about pluto

In response to Pluto's recent demotation, the CA legilation introduced the following resolution.


I just want to point out a few key phrases. (My favorites)

WHEREAS, Downgrading Pluto's status will cause psychological harm to some Californians who question their place in the universe and worry about the instability of universal constants; and

WHEREAS, The downgrading of Pluto reduces the number of planets available for legislative leaders to hide redistricting legislation and other inconvenient political reform measures; and

WHEREAS, The deletion of Pluto as a planet renders millions of text books, museum displays, and children's refrigerator art projects obsolete, and represents a substantial unfunded mandate that must be paid by dwindling Proposition 98 education funds, thereby harming California's children and widening its budget deficits.

No, this is NOT a joke, or if it is, well, it really is being voted on in CA. It hasn't been accepted as official legislation, but, well, I can't beleive this stuff is coming out of any body of legislation, I thought it was some crazy college student (Such as myself) who had way too much time on their hands (Definately not me). Anyways, enjoy!

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