Monday, June 26, 2006


Well, recently I started an account on (Username tuvas_21, if your curious). And, while I was doing that, there came the question of "Who would you like to meet".

Well, I had recently been thinking about what a friend means. And I came to a few conclusions. Friendship is something that is one of our greatest things that we have here on this earth, and most people take advantage of it.

I passed some time without friends, and let me tell you, it is not a fun thing. But recently, now that I've started to have more friends, I've become more worried about the quality of them, as opposed to the quantity.

There are two types of friends really. There are the type of person you like to pass time with, go to the movies, go bowling, etc. They are people that to pass time with is fun, and they are quite useful.

And then, there is another type, the type that is much deeper, to which I will refer to as a true friend. These are they with whom you can pass hours just talking with about anything. This are they who help you when you are down, who will help to lift you up. They don't take advantage of you, rather, they value greatly the time that you spend with them.

Well, there's my thoughts on that subject.

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