Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Cool jobs

So, I've been thinking recently, I have one of those jobs that seems to be really cool. However, the details of it are rather boring. I've realized alot of jobs are like that.

Take, for instance, an astronaut. They seem to have a very cool job, they get to fly into space. However, there's a catch. Before they are allowed to fly, they must run simluators, to the point that most people would go insane. It's probably the biggest releif for them to finally go into space, because then they don't have to work on the simulators, they can just finally do their job.

So, the next time you see someone's job you envy, think again. It might not be as cool as you would think.

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Anonymous said...

Well Tuvas, I think you will do rather well as an electrical engineer. In fact I think you will get a real charge out of it.