Sunday, May 25, 2008

First Images!

Well, the first images have come in, and the following can be said:

1. The lander landed in a very desolate area, there is hardly a rock to be seen from the pictures.
2. The solar panels deployed successfully.
3. The lander landed in an area with firm ground, it didn't sink in at all, or so it appears.
4. We are still awaiting confirmation of the biocontainer seal being released. Assuming that it happened, we can deploy the arm soon.

I wonder how long it will take to get the lander spotted from Orbit. It looks like if you can find the lander, it'll stand out like a sore thumb, there's absolutely nothing around it, but there's nothing around it to identify it's position, at least from the first image. All you can see is flat landscape for a long ways.

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